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Larry’s Loud Noises Concert Series

We’re gearing up for the newest Larry’s Loud Noises concert! We have two bands that are two different age groups, 8 to 12 and 13 to 17.   Concert is in March, date TBDLocated at Ned Devines  To find out how to participate please contact our store!Phone: (703) 476-8809reston@themusicstores.com

Piano Recitals

We often put on great recitals for our piano students. Here are some of the previous shows. Spring Recital ~ June 12, 2016 Spring Recital ~ June 14, 2015 Spring Recital ~ June 1, 2014 Spring Recital ~ June 2, 2013            Spring Recital ~ June 3, 2012        […]

Larry’s Loud Noises

Check out some of the great shows put on by Larry’s Loud Noises!         Here are some of the past concerts!     Winter Session Concert ~ December 10, 2016 Lorton Summer Session Concert ~ July 16, 2016             Spring Session Concert ~ April 10, 2016    […]

Benefit Concerts

Quite often The Music Stores puts on a Benefit concert to help a local charity or program. Here are a list of concerts we’ve performed in the past!   Toys for Tots Benefit Concert ~ December 5, 2015           Toys for Tots Benefit Concert ~ December 6, 2014        […]